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Welcoming in autumn.

Now that the autumn equinox has passed we’re officially allowed to go all out with autumn as we bid summer farewell and welcome in a new season. So many of us start to feel sad as the end of the warmer months approach and the realisation that we’re heading into autumn and then winter starts to become a reality. That’s more than understandable: We’re big fans of sitting out in the garden until past 10pm on a balmy summers evening or sipping a cup of tea first thing and already feeling the warmth from the sun before 8am. But we’re also big fans of embracing the seasons and making the most of everything no matter the time of year. Whilst we lose a little more daylight each day after the equinox and the darkness starts to creep in; there’s also a lot of comfort that comes from beginning to think about all of the lovely things that autumn brings, instead of trying to fight against what the seasons give us.

At home we start to think about hearty roast suppers: warming casseroles, seasonal soups and of course anything we can put custard on! The heavier duvets come out, the cosy jumpers down from the loft and the simple joy of cosy slippers after a long day in the shop can be embraced all over again! It’s not much different in the shop: well , minus the delicious food and slippers! We start to change the layout, and excitedly accept in boxes of lovely cosier items and gorgeous gift-y trinkets to make the darker months brighter. Or to help you start to plan for the ‘C-word.’ Which is only just shy of three months away if you’re counting…

In the spirit of embracing the seasons (and also sharing some of our favourite new and lovely things in the shop with you) we thought we’d put together a list of some of the new things in the shop we think are just perfect for transitioning over from summer to autumn…

1. Really soft and squashy cushions. In the summer our shelves were stacked with indoor/outdoor cushions made from cotton and block printed in bright colours. For autumn winter their colours are even brighter and the patterns even cheerier but we just make sure they’re as soft as you can get and especially squishy for long afternoons on the sofa or a sneaky disco nap before Strictly. This one’s Fair Trade and hand-knit in Nepal and is carefully crocheted and adorned with many a cheerful pom-pom. You can also find equally beautiful hand-knit and Fair Trade options bedecked with HERDWICK SHEEP, HIGHLAND COWS or PUFFINS. How many cushions are too many cushions….?!?!??

2. Whopping great big woollen blankets. Because what’s a sofa and cushions without a blanket once the temperature start to fall?!?! These are also hand-knit and Fair Trade and don’t come snazzier and cosier anywhere else. We’re particularly fond of the WOODSTOCK CROCHETED THROW because it’s as much a thing of absolute beauty as it is cosiness personified.

3. Candles, candles, caaaaandles! There’s no such thing as too many as soon as the sun sets and so whether you make a proper meal of it and like to light a dinner candle for Sunday supper or love to surround yourself with a scented one or two to unwind: we’re not joking when we say there really is something for everyone! We particularly love BOUS CANDLES PAIN TIN - LUNETTE to burn alongside a bubble bath and a book. All Bous candles are handmade in Cumbria from soy wax and are vegan and cruelty free. ‘Lunette’ actually stands for ‘little moon’ and this a lovely relaxing scent with top notes of lavender. For fancy pants meals you’ll love our ST EVAL DINNER CANDLE BOX which come in lots of bright and cheery colours; are also UK made the traditional way and from a blend of vegetable and mineral waxes. And if you just want to make your whole home smell of the delicious waft of freshly baked biscuits; our exclusive CARLISLE SMELLS LIKE BISCUITS CANDLE TIN is right up your street. It’s made and designed by us and is quite frankly blinking marvellous!

4. The most cosy socks! For after rainy day dog walks, slipping on after a hot bubble bath or even just after a really long day when you can’t get warm and a hot bowl of soup and the sofa is calling! Our Fair Trade and hand knit HERDWICK SHEEP SOFA SOCKS or FOX SOFA SOCKS are the bees knees for men and women and are just the ticket for the cooler evenings.

5. A really good jumper. It’s safe to say we all have one: The jumper you fling on over pyjamas on a Sunday morning or as soon as you get home from work on a miserable day. For the first time ever, we decided to treat you to some glorious knitwear in the hope you might also find ‘The One’ if you haven’t already! We think you’ll really love our super-soft, hand-knit woollen FLOWER POWER SWEATER with it’s cosy over-sized shape and beautiful daisy print. If you spend a lot of time outdoors we think you’ll be just as excited as us about our woollen SNOWY HEEP HALF ZIP SWEATER which is just lovely for men or women and who’s generous fit means there’s more than enough room to fling it over a T-shirt, polo neck or pyjamas!

So there you have it: Really only a snippet of the lovely new bits and bobs available in the shop and online too! We think you’ll agree that they although they don’t bring back 11pm sunsets and days that feel like they last forever, they DO make the most of the cooler days to come and make us more than a little bit giddy about them.

Let us know if you grab anything lovely from our special edit! And be sure to follow along on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to keep up to date with us!


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