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Four Things to Want in September: Stationery.

We’re forever being told to not wish our lives away and that spending time in the Here and Now and ‘Being Present’ is much better for us. Which is true. But it’s also nice to look forward to something. Running a small indie business it’s hard to not get too far ahead of yourself because the real knack is in being just far enough ahead so that we get the right stock in at the right time and that there’s enough of it for you all! It’s not unheard of for us to be unpacking sunglasses in the shop whilst simultaneously trying to pick what to buy in for Christmas!

Luckily we’re big believers that like most things, it’s all about balance. That’s why once we start seeing blackberries dotted about in the hedgerows we know that the end of Summer is on it’s way and so we start to look forward to the change in the seasons and all of the lovely things that comes along with autumn. You can herald January as the month that signals the start of a new year and a fresh start but for us there’s just something about September and the arrival of autumn that does that for us too. We’re not sure if it’s the years of school, college or university for ourselves or packing up little ones to do just the same years later; but September is as a good a time as any to have a little bit of a refresh.

We thought we’d pop together a couple of posts to share some of our favourite things to pick up or save for in celebration of that autumn fresh-start feeling. And since September is back to school, we thought we’d start you off with some new stationery bits you can find both in the shop or online. Because whether you’ve got a new term ahead of you or not, there’s always room for a new notebook or something lovely for your working from home desk, right?! Or maybe you’ve got a few birthdays popping up and you're on the look out for something to send. Scroll on for the prettiest stationery treats from us to you…

Quite possibly the most beautiful notebooks and easy on the eye as much as they are functional and lovely to write in. These large notebooks measure 15cm x 20cm and are filled with a classic cream lined paper - no wonky lines here! They have a handy back pocket and are covered with a lovely wildflower print all over.

Great for… We don’t know about you but this sort of a notebook is too pretty for shopping lists. What about journalling? What were we saying about September being the new January?!

Because rumour has it that snail mail is making a serious comeback. Who remembers having a pen pal growing up?! These beautiful postcard tins are lovely if writing an actual letter is your bag. They’d even make a lovely addition to parcel up with a gift instead of a birthday card. Each tin comes filled with eighteen postcards in nine different designs and all featuring vintage images from the Cavallini ‘Wildflower’ design. Each postcard measures 9.5cm x 14cm and is printed on classic cream paper stock.

Great for… Sticking a stamp on and just posting to make someone you care about smile. Or what about framing a few…?! Or just sticking some on your fridge or notice board? The opportunities are endless!

This could be your new pencil case. But there are a million other things it could also be such as a safe place to keep your mask in your every day bag or rucksack or simply a place to store knick-knacks on your desk. Either way these snazzy printed pouches are made from a really thick and durable 100% cotton and come with a high quality zip with a leather puller. They are printed with vintage designs from the Cavallini archives and this one is covered in a beautiful insect print.

Great for…Perfectly postable for sending to a friend as a gift as it is for firing in your keys and lip balm so they don’t end up all of the way down at the bottom of your bag!

More than just a pretty tin! But perfectly usable as just that when you’ve scribbled all you want to. These pencil tins really are lovely! Yes it’s just a tin of pencils but we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We’re very much all about making the every day ‘things’ lovely. Why wouldn’t you want a beautiful tin of pencils to keep in your bag alongside an equally lovely notebook?! These little tins would look beautiful on a desk: easy to grab at a moments notice. Each tin measures 22cm x 5cm x 2cm and contains ten high quality HB lead pencils and a little pencil sharpener. The tin is decorated in Cavallini’s iconic ‘Colour Wheel’ design and each pencil has a different design.

Great for… The most perfect gift for anyone partial to sketching in their spare time or for those who really appreciate beautiful stationery. Again, perfect for popping in in some paper and a jiffy bag and firing away to someone you won’t see on their birthday. Or just for you. Life’s too short for boring stationary!

So, whether you’re hurriedly checking that school shoes still fit or panicking that you’ve forgotten something for the kids PE kit or like us you’re looking forward to the new season feeling that September brings and would like an excuse to top up your stationery collection: There’s plenty to get stuck into online and in the shop and more on the way! If you like what you see you’ll also probably love a peek at the rest of the collection HERE.

Don't forget to tag us if you pick up some lovely new treats and let us know what you think over on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK too!


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