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Spotlight on: Jellycat!

We pack a lot of things into our shop, online and in real life. We try our best to make sure that when you visit us you know that you’ll be able to find a gift for pretty much anyone, or even a little something for yourself or your home. We carefully research and hand-pick which brands we stock and ensure that what we offer to you is a carefully curated selection of things we would love and use ourselves or give as a gift to a friend or family member. We also hope that you find something that you wont find in every other shop you visit. We like to be a bit different aswell you see!

But there’s a lot to keep track of! So we thought it might be quite nice to pick out a few of our brands from time to time; and to share a little bit more about them. If you know them already and have bought their products before – from us or somewhere else - then you might just learn something new. And if you have never heard of them or they’re a new-to-you find, then lucky you because you’re in for a treat and you might just find a few extra things sneaking into your shopping basket. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Today we’d love to share a little more about Jellycat! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for…well a good few years, you’ll have probably already heard of Jellycat. And even if you haven’t we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have seen (and probably picked up and cuddled or ‘ooh-ed and aah-ed’) over one of their beautiful soft toys because they really do stand out from the crowd. They’re a brand that continues to grow for us in the shop - largely because we can never resist their creativity and imagination and also because we know you love them just as much as us!

Jellycat began in London in 1999 and was born from a want to create a luxurious feeling and quirky looking soft toy that would stand out in a world of a million regular teddy bears. It’s name was actually inspired by a little girl who loved jellies and cats and laughed at the thought of the two words together. This seemed to really fit with the young brands passion to create sometimes-weird but always-cute cuddly toys that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Over the past 22 years and after establishing themselves in the U.K Jellycat have worked hard to grow their business and now can be found gracing the shelves of some of the most reputable and finest retail shops (ours was obviously at the very top of that list!) all over the world. They continue to grow and experiment and in their own words…

"work hard to combine the coolest designs with the most luxurious of fabrics in the process creating thousands of wonderfully innovative soft toys trying to find the most lovable combination of soft squidginess and quirky."


I mean they had us when they mentioned ‘quirky…’ We love Jellycat! They’re a soft toy but not as you know it and we love the fact that with each new collection we never ever really know what to expect! Their products are fun and cheerful and aren’t just a soft toy for a child. We get people through our big pink door who collect Jellycat and have hundreds of pieces but can always find room for another something. The wonderful lot at Jellycat HQ are fab at creating little mini collections and themes which suit all kinds of people and when a customer pops into the shop there’s always something they’re drawn to. They’re a great talking point in the shop (and you lot know we love a natter!) and we love to find out your reasons for choosing what you do. We’re excited to grow our Jellycat collection even more so watch this space!


Everyone. Whilst we love a niche gift here and there, there really is something for everyone where Jellycat is concerned. We’ve lost count of how many bunnies we’ve sold in the shop or tucked up and posted out for new arrivals in families. We’ve had adults spend hundreds on a handful of squishy pals just for themselves and people who have popped in and shared with us photos of the soft toys they already have. There is no age limit for these cute critters and (so far!) nobody who doesn’t at least crack a smile and a giggle when they see them. And there are inevitably also always those lovely folk who want to buy the whole lot….we rest our case!


Gah! What a hard spot to be put on as this changes all of the time and with each new delivery that comes into the shop and year on year too. Whilst we love the classic BASHFUL BUNNIES we really have developed a soft-spot for the Amusables range. This mini-collection is all food, plant and nature inspired. Sooo think anything from SILLY SUCCULENTS, soft and velvet-y BROCCOLI and even a sweet and smiley PAIN AU RAISIN!!! This mini range is a little bit bonkers but so much fun and really showcases the creativity of the Jellycat brand. It’s also easily the pieces that people pick up first and want to chat about! We’re looking forward to a big Jellycat delivery soon so make sure to follow along with us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to keep up to date.

Pop over and shop our most recent Jellycat collection HERE or pop in and see us in the shop and have a squeeze for yourself!


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