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Spotlight on: Redecker.

We pack a lot of things into our shop, online and in real life. We try our best to make sure that when you visit us you know that you’ll be able to find a gift for pretty much anyone, or even a little something for yourself or your home. We carefully research and hand-pick which brands we stock and ensure that what we offer to you is a carefully curated selection of things we would love and use ourselves or give as a gift to a friend or family member. We also hope that you find something that you wont find in every other shop you visit. We like to be a bit different aswell you see!

But there’s a lot to keep track of! So we thought it might be quite nice to pick out a few of our brands from time to time; and to share a little bit more about them. If you know them already and have bought their products before – from us or somewhere else - then you might just learn something new. And if you have never heard of them or they’re a new-to-you find, then lucky you because you’re in for a treat and you might just find a few extra things sneaking into your shopping basket. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This time we’d love to introduce you quite possibly the most beautiful brushes and carefully crafted, functional homeware pieces that you’ll ever set your eyes on….and yes we did just type that! We’re all about making the every day items we use all of the time, beautiful. And so we just know that you’re going to love Redecker…

You’d be correct for assuming that Redecker isn’t a British company. Infact it’s a family-run German company made first famous, for their skillfully handmade wooden brushes. If you’ve ever popped in to see us you’ve probably had a goosey-gander at our fabulous wall of brushes – believe us when we tell you that whatever your predicament: there is always a brush for it!!! We’ve long-admired the craftsmanship, skill and inventiveness of Redecker and have never looked back since first introducing it to the shop just a few years ago. We’re now very much looking forward to showing you our picks for the new season ahead and that you’ll actually be able to come in and see the whole range if you’re local to Carlisle. What a novelty that will be!

Redecker was first established in 1935 in Germany by Friedrich Redecker. He trained as an independent brush maker after his life as he knew it changed overnight and he suddenly became blind. The brand really began to grow after the sad passing of it’s founder and take over of the company by his son and daughter-in-law Jutta and Gernot Redecker in 1987. They began to sell off his leftover brooms and brushes from the workshop with an unexpected success. More local markets followed and even more people grew to love Friedrich’s handmade brushes. So much so that both Jutta and Gernot gave up their current jobs and decided to fully immerse themselves in the art of brush making! It was a craft that its founder had lovingly passed onto his family members with great skill and passion and was a big part of his legacy and so it felt only right to honour his memory.

Redecker sees itself very much as a family and a business and is now jointly managed by not only Jutta and Gernot but also their son and daughter too. It’s proud of the small family-like team it has grown over the last few years and still maintains that even today in a much bigger international market and as a much larger company than it first started out as.

Over the last few years Redecker has grown a lot: from first a very small family business to securing its first regular customers on local market stalls close to home and the now an international household name it is and one that celebrated its 80th birthday in 2015. This is a huge achievement and a real testament to the hard work, knowledge and craftsmanship that goes into the company and each item they self-design and produce.

Despite now being very much a global brand, they remain true to their roots and still will only produce products that are as beautiful and functional, as they are practical and not simply to expand their range. They also commit to using natural, renewable sources when selecting their materials.


They’re a no-brainer for us: A family-run business crafting practical items for the home that are as beautiful as they are useful! Not only that, their products really stand the test of time and are made to be used and loved over and over again. We also admire their kindness to the world around us and awareness of our impact on the planet too.

As Redecker say:

“We firmly believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.”


Everyone! The fact that Redecker items are as beautiful to look at and hold as they are to use means that they are just as good an item to pick up for the home and to use for yourself as they are to give as a gift. And we like that idea a lot!


Well where do we start?! We’re big fans of anything and everything they do because nothing has ever failed us! Their ‘Blind Cleaning Brush’ is flippin’ great at freeing dust from possibly The Worst Thing To Clean In The Whole Wide World! It’s also a similar love for the ‘Bathroom Radiator Brush’ after spending many years balancing cloth over feather dusters and trying our best to clean the impossible! As people who love a wander in The Lakes and surrounding area you really can’t go wrong with a ‘Hiking Shoe Brush’ which, incidentally is fab for just keeping in the car boot! We could go on but we’d be here a while….


We’ve restocked most of your favourites from Redecker but can’t unfortunately stock the whole range online! But that might be just the excuse you need to come visit our little emporium in real life to be honest!!! This season we’ve picked up some BEAUTIFUL soap dishes, a little selection of children’s items and even more copper cleaning cloths, nail brushes and general home useful-ness.

Have you picked anything up from Redecker?! Or heard of them before?! If so let us know and make sure to tag us any photos!!!


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