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Spotlight on: Chilly's Bottles.

We pack a lot of things into our shop, online and in real life. We try our best to make sure that when you visit us you know that you’ll be able to find a gift for pretty much anyone, or even a little something for yourself or your home. We carefully research and hand-pick which brands we stock and ensure that what we offer to you is a carefully curated selection of things we would love and use ourselves or give as a gift to a friend or family member. We also hope that you find something that you wont find in every other shop you visit. We like to be a bit different aswell you see!

But there’s a lot to keep track of! So we thought it might be quite nice to pick out a few of our brands from time to time; and to share a little bit more about them. If you know them already and have bought their products before – from us or somewhere else - then you might just learn something new. And if you have never heard of them or they’re a new-to-you find, then lucky you because you’re in for a treat and you might just find a few extra things sneaking into your shopping basket. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We’ve stocked Chilly’s bottles for at least a million years! Only joking. It just feels that way because they’re a brand who’s values really mirror our own. They’re a simple, functional, beautiful product done well and whilst they now have so many competitors in the now trendy plastic-free market, theirs are still the very best! But more praise-singing in a little bit. Since it’s #plasticfreejuly we thought it might be nice to tell you a little bit more about Chilly’s…

According to Chilly’s their mission is…

‘To accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products.’

Chilly’s was founded in 2010 by James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle with the very simple aim of providing people with the ability to always have cold water on-the-go and never needing to purchase it in a plastic bottle. Along came the Chilly’s bottle: A sleek, modern, simple and yet functional design with high performance technology and all of the eco-friendly benefits of the humble flask, only much more beautiful!

Each Chilly’s bottle is eco-friendly and durable and seamlessly combines both style and performance. Each is made from stainless steal and features a leak-proof double wall construction which means it can keep cold drinks cold for twenty-four hours and hot drinks hot for as long as twelve. We think that’s pretty flipping amazing, don’t you?!

The range has grown lots since it’s early days and has now expanded to include insulated food pots, re-usable coffee cups, caribiners for those on the go and so you can attach your bottle to a bag or rucksack, and new series two bottle design which is very snazzy indeed! The Chilly’s brand also have a wide range of their own plastic-free accessories such as beeswax wraps, re-usable bags and stainless steel straws and ice-cube trays. You can also pick up replacement lids for all of their products to make your bottle last that bit longer and save you having to fork out for a whole new bottle.

Is there anything these guys haven’t thought of?!?!


I mean SEE ABOVE…? We love the whole concept from design to functionality. We’re big advocates of using something over and over again and love to find new ways to re-purpose things to give them a second life so just imagine how many plastic bottles of water could not be bought if we all grabbed one of these?! We bring ours to work each and every day and know that we can happily fill it with a builders brew if we’re off out to trade shows or know that we’ll be in and out of the shop all day but away from home. We also really love the fact that you can pick up replacement lids easily too, further reducing the need to have to buy a whole new bottle. And we know it’s not the most important thing BUT, these guys have designed some really lovely prints and colours in their bottles and so there really is something for everyone. They’ve also done limited edition collaborations with some artists and creatives and created some really snazzy designs over the years too.


Every. Single. Day. And every single situation. These bottles are made to last and are made for everyone! Whether you’re someone who hikes up a fell each weekend; commutes to work each day or just likes to ensure that wherever you go you always have a bottle of water with you - these bottles are for you! They’re are even half-sized bottles which are just perfect for sticking into the kids school bags!


Errrrr all of them?! We really struggle when it comes to picking and choosing which bottles to buy in for the shop as we really love them all BUT we’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for the ongoing Chilly’s and Emma Bridgewater collection and always have a few of these in the shop. We really love the addition of the BUTTERCUP and BUTTERFLY Emma Bridgewater prints this season. We’re also big fans of the food pots and it seems you all are too! WE love the DARK BLUE colour way which is as perfect for carrots and hummus as it is for leftover spaghetti! We also couldn’t resist popping a few of the new 2021 Botanical range into the shop and really love the beautiful print on the BOTANICAL EDITION FRUIT one.

What do you reckon?! Are you great big fans of Chilly's as much as us?! If so what do you stick in yours? Head over to the website HERE to shop our online edit or pop in and see us in the shop to have nosey at the whole collection.


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