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A Teacher Gift Guide

We all have that one super-hero teacher. The one teacher that you’ll always remember and never forget. Teachers play a much bigger role in our lives than we think. Starting school feels like almost a million years ago over here for us. But whether you can remember all of those years ago like they were yesterday or have your own little ones you have re-lived the experience through all over again with; we all can relate to how vulnerable and wobbly those times were. A really good primary school teacher can change how our little people view school and can shape the kind of experience that they have from day one. They are there to care, nurture and protect us in those first few days. In the days, months and years that follow, they help little ones adjust to a very new kind of experience. Essentially they’re almost stepping into our shoes and guiding them through their first steps into the big world of education.

Once primary school is done, the years spent in secondary schools can be just as daunting and scary and much like starting all over again, only with the added pressure of exams that count a little bit towards their future and how that might work out too. Not only that but we can all remember how it felt to go through secondary school at a time when we were all getting used to growing up and the other physical and emotional changes that go alongside becoming a young adult.

We think ALL teachers deserve a medal. But we ran out of time and so didn’t get around to making any (sorry teachers!). What we did conjure up was an almighty great gift guide just perfect for saying thank you to the extra special teachers in your lives….

Ladies first….

1. Bath House ‘Queen of the Gin’ bath soak. Designed and created just down the road in Jedburgh, this soothing Elderflower bath soak is just perfect for unwinding at the end of long day in the classroom. There’s also a matching candle, soap and lip balm too!

2. ‘Carlisle Smells Like Biscuits’ tea towel. Because who in the world doesn’t like biscuits?! If you’re local you’ll know all about the fact that our pretty city smells of baking biscuits every day of the week. This tea towel is a lovely gift for a local teacher, male or female! There’s also the infamous ‘Carlisle Smells Like Biscuits’ candle, a mug AND an apron!

3. Cavallini ‘Herbarium’ pouch. The prettiest vintage flower print cotton pouch from one of our most popular and ‘new to us this year’ brands, Cavallini. Perfect for handbag essentials or as a really pretty pencil case!

4. Seedball seed tins. These tiny tins are super-powered! Available individually in the shop or as a sweet set of three online; each tin contains 20 seedballs in a mix of native wildflowers. These are hugely beneficial to bees, butterflies and other wildlife. Perfect for the green-fingered teacher out there!

5. Socks! Because if all else fails: Socks, socks, socks! These are made from either organic cotton or bamboo and come in an array of pretty prints. A perfect gift wrapped up with a bunch of flowers or little box of chocolates!

And for the men….

1. Herdy Sheep mug (various colours). Because what teacher doesn’t drink all of the tea or all of the coffee in the whole wide world on a day to day basis?!? These are lovingly made and designed in Keswick and would make a bright cheery addition to a boring staff room kitchen cupboard! There’s even more of the Herdy selection online and in the shop.

2. Enamelware mug. I know, another mug! But this one’s extra-sturdy and unsmashable and just ideal for the teacher who loves rambling in the Lakes as much as a wander round Bitts Park. These cheerful, hard-wearing mugs also have matching teapots!

3. Herdy Pouch. A perfect pouch for general knick-knacks like earphones and chargers or again, a pretty snazzy place to stash the good pens and all of your stationary. Have you ever seen anything more cheery?!?

4. St Eval dinner candles. A perfect wrap-up for the teacher that loves being in the kitchen or entertaining or is really into his house decor. These beautifully coloured candles are available in an array of rainbow colours and are hand-poured in Cornwall. Why stop at one box?!?

5. Thought socks. Because great socks aren’t just for women! Have you ever met a more snazzy pair of socks?!? Why not wrap these up with a pack of local coffee or Cumbrian teabags?

And we’re done! There’s LOADS more lovely things both in the shop and on the website so make sure to head over and check it out HERE or pop in and say hello if you’re local to us.

Let us know if you grab anything for your favourite teacher!


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