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A Could-Do List for May.

There’s no denying that a to-do list is a good thing. Having a list of all the things you need to achieve or the many things you need to pick up on a shopping trip or at work is pretty handy. It’s particularly satisfying ticking off each ‘thing’ as you complete it too. And knowing what you need to do next without any fuss or faffing. They save a lot of us time because nothing forces you to be more efficient than a straight-forward list of the only things you need to do that day to survive! Heck even if all they do is make sure you don’t forget the milk for your morning brew or a missing ingredient for tea that evening; lists are a thing to be celebrated and something all of us use in some shape or form. If you scribble yours on the back of an envelope; write it neatly and bullet-point it in a journal or even the note section on your phone, we just know we’re not the only ones who’d struggle to make it through the day without one.

But here’s the thing. What if sometimes following a list of what you should do suddenly became more about what you could do. Imagine if there were no rules, or restrictions or other more mundane things to hold you back? What could you do?! Maybe next time you have some free time or a day off. Sit and let your imagination run wild and give writing a could-do list a go. It’s more fun than you might think.

Here are some ideas from us to get you started…


Or your breakfast. Or your tea. Everything tastes better outside! Even if you’re so used to working from home these days or even if you don’t and eat your lunch sat at your desk, like always: flicking through your favourite apps on your phone or checking your emails. Why don’t you scrap that and take your lunch outside. Not only does everything taste better outside but studies have shown that it’s much better for your digestion and your mental health if you focus less on other things and just on what you’re eating. Now we’re able to you could even co-ordinate your lunch hour with a friend and meet up and share a bench or a bit of grass somewhere. With temperatures on a steady climb from now until September and all of that extra light on our side too, you’ve got absolutely no excuses not to.

Did you know: Eating lunch sat your desk each and every day can cause extra stress and a lack of productivity?! Getting out every once in a while can help boost creativity and new ideas and help you work through tough problems.


Obviously this applies to exactly where you’re wandering about! If you can, make some time to really feel the ‘world’ beneath your feet and wriggle your toes about on a warm and sunny garden lawn or re-acquaint yourself with the novelty of how it feels to pad around and about at home with bare feet. Enjoy the feeling of sunshine on bare toes or spend five minutes sipping a coffee in on the garden bench with your socks off and your trousers or skirt rolled up. You can pop a handkerchief on your head too if you like….

Did you know: The Guinness World Record for the longest walk barefoot is 1,448 km. That’s a whopping 924 miles! It’s held by 23 year old irishman Eamonn Keaveney who did the shoe-less walk from Co Galway and into Northern Island to raise money for a suicide prevention charity.


A particularly underrated one! When was the last time you went outside and looked up? Or made an effort to look up a bit more on a walk. Think: Less staring at the ground or worse, any kind of technology and more looking up and around you. We’re hurtling towards the most leafy, flowery and beautiful part of the year in the UK whatever the weather: What trees can you identify? Once you start noticing more you’ll naturally start noticing how things look differently around you as the seasons change swell. It’s so simple but a little bit addictive and a great new habit to form.It won’t be long before you start noticing the smells, feelings and tiniest changes around you on your usual walks or commutes. It’s a great one to get the kids involved with too.

Did you know that the word PETRICHOR is the noun used to describe the earthy and lovely scent that appears in the air when rain falls after a particularly dry period? Or that someone who’s hobby is specifically cloud watching is called a NEPHOPHILE?


Or a pie. Or some biscuits. Or JAM! Spring and Summer are the time where all manner of soft fruits really come into their own. There are already British and Scottish grown strawberries, raspberries and even blackberries in the shops and before you know it we’ll be knee-deep in nectarines and peaches! Now they’re in season they’re not only much cheaper but they taste so much sweeter and juicier! If you bake anyway, bake something that you have never baked before and try something different!

Did you know that you can use strawberries in a savoury way too?! Try this delicious STRAWBERRY PANZANELLA salad next time you pick up a punnet.


We shared an easy WILD GARLIC PESTO recipe earlier on in the year on the blog but did you know you can also eat wild garlic flowers? They work fab as a pretty decoration and a garlicky addition to a plate of leafy greens or stuffed into a tortilla wrap for lunch. We’ll soon start to see Elderflowers cropping up in woodland too. Try a simple Elderflower cordial recipe HERE and enjoy mixing it with white wine and lemonade for a delicious early summer drink. You could even be super-duper fancy and freeze some flowers in ice cube trays to use as an extra garnish. There are a whole manner of things you can forage in woodland and hedgerows but make sure and do your research first. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to Elderflowers and Blackberries later on in the year if you’re not sure! Also make sure to always be respectful how and where you forage.

Did you know: The Woodland Trust have a handy Foraging Guide HERE.

We could go on. But i think by now you’ve got the jist! Life’s far to short for only making lists for the boring need to do stuff. We get so caught up in those kind of lists that we let the really good stuff pass us by! Let us know what’s on your list or if you give any of our suggestions a go!


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