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Why Ashbridge & Brown ?

Back in 2008, when the madness that is the global banking system decided to make a mess of the economy, one of our relatives was made redundant, little did we know that this would be the start of Ashbridge & Brown.

We had started an events business some 11 years before this, had slowly grown it and now were just beginning to actually earn some decent money. Our clients included RBS, HBOS and all the other insurance, banking & international corporations that were about to go pear shaped in a rather big way. So at the end of 2008, when the aforementioned relative was offered a new job, the small shop in Stanwix needed someone to run it until Christmas. Jayne soon put her stamp on Give it Gifts (as we were called then) and soon we were looking for larger premises nearer to where we lived in Brampton. In 2010 we opened in Main Street Brampton in a lovely little shop next to the chippie. Jayne had really found the style she was looking for with suppliers including Ness, Herdy, Le Toy Van, Bath House and Pip Studio all of which we stock today.

With no sign of an end to the recession and any corporate events being about 300 miles away in that there London, we decided to close the events business and concentrate on a business without all the travelling. So in March 2013 we found an empty shop in Treasury Court, off Fisher street in the city centre and Ashbridge & Brown was born.

The two names are the maiden names of Jayne's Grandmothers, we were looking for a traditional, family, local name that sounded just a little bit different and here we are in an enlarged shop some 3 years on. It's funny how things turn out, isn't it.

Our old shop, Give it Gifts in Brampton

The same bike is outside Ashbridge & Brown right now

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