We are trying...

It's 10 years since we decided to stop using plastic bags. We recycle all our cardboard and have dropped suppliers who don't play their part. All our shop fittings are either vintage, restored, re- purposed or handmade from things we have found or from sustainable sources............. and we want to do more.


Emma's Soap

Shortlisted for 'Gift of the Year 2020"

Zero plastic, packaged by hand, wrapped in organic fair trade cotton and using only the highest grade organic oils and her own bees wax. These are the best soaps we have sold, great for clean and lovely soft hands.


Scarves from plastic bottles

These fabulous scarves have just arrived along with new ponchos, vegan bags and jewellery.

Bright, colourful designs perfect for spring on amazingly soft scarves that are great for the planet. Incredible what can be done if we all try.


Wax Wraps

Wax wraps have been around for a little while now, lovely gifts and very practical. Stop using cellophane and tin foil by popping your lunch in a wrap, re-usable over and over again.

Great for covering bowls in the fridge. Various designs and sizes available.


The Brush Wall

A brush for every occasion ?

Drop the plastic, drop the chemicals and get back to a better way of cleaning. Natural is not only better but much cooler.