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Spotlight on: Bath House


We pack a lot of things into our shop, online and in real life. We try our best to make sure that when you visit us you know that you’ll be able to find a gift for pretty much anyone, or even a little something for yourself. We carefully research and hand-pick which brands we stock and ensure that what we offer to you is a carefully curated selection of things we would love and use ourselves or give as a gift to a friend or family member. We also hope that you find something that you wont find in every other shop you visit. We like to be a bit different too you see!

But there’s a lot to keep track of! So we thought it might be quite nice to pick out a few of our brands from time to time; and to share a little bit more about them. If you know them already and have bought their products before – from us or somewhere else - then you might just learn something new. And if you have never heard of them or they’re a new-to-you find, then lucky you because you’re in for a treat and you might just find a few extra things sneaking into your shopping basket. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This time we’d love to introduce you to, quite possibly one of the most beautiful fragrance and skincare brands we know: Bath House.

Bath House is a natural skincare and fragrance brand which was born in 1997 right on our doorstep here in Cumbria, in the Lake District. They’re a brand whose inspiration comes from not just their own personal experiences and emotions but also the area and landscapes surrounding them. They describe their recipes as ‘a blend of passion, nature, artistic creativity and artisan production.’

Bath House actually grew from ideas around a kitchen table and products made on the humble kitchen cooker! A far cry from how far they have come since then. They spent time experimenting and learning about the healing power of using natural ingredients and also learning from experts in fragrance. From this they then began working with a very small number of fragrance and skincare formulators who began to put their inspiration and ideas into real life products using their meticulous and specialist knowledge and learning as they went.

As art school students they were able to ensure that each bottle and its packaging were meticulously designed with a sculptors understanding of form and a textile designers eye for colour and pattern. And, in 2003 customer demand for their products saw them convert a former grain store in Sedburgh into the first of the brand’s fragrance and skincare boutique.

Bath House currently have seven stores in the North of England and are proud to still stand by their original ethos of artistic creativity, artisan methods of production and sharing a love of natural beauty.

Their products are made with 97% natural, sustainable ingredients and they are also in the process of changing their packaging to focus on refilling, reusing and recycling. By the end of 2021 they hope to have reduced the plastic in their portfolio by 85%.


There’s a reason we’ve stocked them for years and keep restocking them! They’re a local small brand creating beautiful skincare, fragrances and gifts fairly and sustainably. And they know their stuff! Each product in the range is beautiful and their attention to detail is second to none. Plus we buy and use their products ourselves so it only feels right to share them with you.


…making the everyday seem just that little more special. Their body lotions, shower gels and hand washes are just a step up from your average ones. And especially during the last wobbly few months, these little luxuries have felt even more special. Because of this they’re also a brand perfect for gifts too. They’re perfumes and purse sprays smell like nothing you’ve ever smelt before. Each scent is crafted in-house and inspired by the area around them and not just of the natural world but of life and living life, itself. They also come in a handy purse spray aswell as the full size which makes the perfect little gift or add in alongside other items.


We’d have to opt for the perfume! If we were really pushed we’d pick ‘Frangipani & Grapefruit’ as a favourite. Bath House describe it as….

“A light and elegant perfume of fresh green grapefruit, just cut mouth-watering nectarine, slowly peeled, sweet and citrusy and the smooth, creamy fragrance of frangipani flowers lingering in the dusky air. There is the lightest touch of musk, warm and subtle, and cedarwood to last and linger slowly on the skin. “

See?! How magical a description is that?! You can pick up a 60ml bottle from us for £42 HERE.

If you’re also a fan of Bath House ‘Frangipani and Grapefruit’ you might also like THESE link.


Gifts or as a special every day pick-up. We love the purse BAREFOOT AND BEAUTIFUL GIFT SET, containing wild rose bath salts and a lip balm for Mothers Day and the ‘GOOD DAYS’ or ‘KEEP SMILING’ soap bars would make a perfect ‘cheer up’ gift for someone you haven’t seen in a while!


We’ve recently added some new gift boxes to the website which are perfect for any upcoming birthdays or as an alternative to a chocolate egg!

We’re also so excited about the new ‘QUEEN OF THE GIN’ range which comes in a bath soak, two different gift boxes and a candle tin too!


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