The Small Finchley has enough room for your gym clothes, wallet, lunch and more. You'll be able to store your tablet or notebooks and still have room left over with the side bottle pockets and the laptop sleeve to the comfortable straps and durable material.


The bag has a zip opening at the top, the top then folds over and is held in place by magnets making the bag neater to carry on the back but also giving extra space if unfolded.


Each small bag is 34cm (extending to 42cm) x 25cm x 12cm. 


In order to reduce waste in the ocean, Roka has created a new line of bags. Made using 12-13 recycled bottles, the Sustainable Finchley is made to help you through your day and help the planet. The production of this bag not only uses recycled materials, but also uses less energy than traditional production methods.

Roka Sustainable Backpack Small - Atomic Orange